Environmental policy

We produce zamak in
sustainable ways

In the field of raw materials, the recycling of materials is a practice that has always made it possible to give metals a new lease of life, to transform them into something new. 

This is a rule that lies at the heart of the circular economy, in which we believe and which we have made our own: this is why we deal directly with the recovery of non-ferrous metals, our production cycle is zero impact in terms of materials used.

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As far as zinc processing is concerned, the negligible amount of emissions into the atmosphere during the process should be underlined, and compared to other metallurgical processes, zinc alloy die-casting requires lower energy consumption due to its low melting temperature.

The process waste is entirely recyclable, the zamak parts can be entirely recycled at the end of their service life. In fact, zamak can be remelted and reused several times without any deterioration in its mechanical, physical and chemical characteristics.

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Protecting the environment for a
sustainable future